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The CODI index is a reliable and valid tool that provides to the clinician a quick assessment of symptom severity in Fibromyalgia. Moreover, the index may help in the decision of which type of treatment, pharmacological or psychological, could be more effective for the patient taking into account the profile of symptoms (predominance of core symptoms or distress). _Fill this form for to known your CODI.

Here are some phrases that are commonly used to describe oneself. Read each statement and drag the marker to where represents how you feel in general or *overall for the past week, on most occasions. There are no good or bad answers. No used in each sentence and answer by ticking the answer that best describes how you feel generally.
*How bad has your pain been? *How tired have you been?
*How have you felt when you get up in the morning?
*How bad has your stiffness been?
*How nervous or anxious have you felt?
*How depressed or blue have you felt?
I feel pleasant I tire quickly
I feel like crying
I wish I could be as happy
I am losing out on things because I canęt make up my mind soon enough
I feel rested
I am “calm, cool and collected”
I feel that difficulties are piling up so that I cannot overcome them
I worry too much over something that really doesnęt matter
I am happy
I am inclined to take things hard
I lack self-confidence
I feel secure
I try to avoid facing a crisis or difficulty
I feel blue
I am content
Some unimportant thought runs through my mind and bothers me
I take disappointments so keenly that I canęt put them out of my mind
I am steady person
I become tense and upset when I think about my present concerns
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