The MIL index has potential utility in patient assessment and treatment evaluation. The MIL index provides the clinician with a quick assessment of the Mechanical or Inflammatory component of non-specific Low Back Pain. Here are some phrases that people commonly use to describe themselves. Please read each phrase and tick the box for each sentence that indicates a characteristic of your back pain on most occasions. There are no right or wrong answers.

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Intermittent pain during the day
Morning pain on waking and initially getting up
Stiffness after resting
Pain on repetitive bending
Pain on trunk forward flexion
Pain on lateral or side bending
Pain on palpation or local pressure to the vertebrae

The Low Back Pain have:



The scale is based upon normal reference values as a standardized scores. In this way the final total or combined score is on a five-point distribution from ‘Low’ to ‘High’ Risk of Inflammation or Mechanical Component of the MIL index or a stratification of the severity.