Facultad de Ciencias de la Salud

Universidad de Málaga

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Inscription at Malaga University (Matriculación)

After your arrival to Malaga you need to go first to the "Escuela Universitaria de Ciencias de la Salud" (see map) to contact your academic coordinator. There you must fill out some formularies that you will find below. Afterwards with these forms dully filled, you will proceed to go to the Vicerrectorado de Alumnos, Campus del Ejido, and proceed to finish your inscription (in spanish Matriculación). Probably your school of origin will want to have some confirmation that your incoporation to our centre has been realized. Bring the needed forms to the first meeting with us so we can complete whatever is needed.


Descargue este fichero (MATRICULA 2008-09.pdf)MATRICULA 2008-09.pdf[Inscription Form for visiting Erasmus students][ ]124 Kb
Descargue este fichero (MATRICULA- Modificacion 2008-09.pdf)MATRICULA- Modificacion 2008-09.pdf[Modification for the inscription form (probably you will not need it)][ ]114 Kb
Descargue este fichero (tutor_voluntario_visitante.doc)tutor_voluntario_visitante.doc[Do you want a voluntary local student to help you after your arrival? Please fill this too!][ ]85 Kb
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